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Welcome to the website of the LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order!

LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order is the original and flagship fleet of the LGBT OF STARFLEET fleets within Star Trek Online (STO), accept no imitations! :) We are a Tier V, Level 77 Fleet of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgendered & Straight-Ally Trekkers/gaymers, with a Tier V Starbase, a Tier III Romulan Embassy, a Tier III Dilithium Mine, a Tier III Fleet Spire, a Tier III Research Lab, a completed Tier III Station K-13 and our newest holding currently in progress is our Tier III Colony World . We also encompass LGBT of Starfleet 8th Order, which is a Tier IV fleet, and LGBT of the EMPIRE, our KDF affiliate! We're a friendly & welcoming fleet that has been around since the introduction of the Fleet System in STO in the first part of 2012, and going strong! We provide a friendly & safe haven for GLBTQ STO members & our straight friends & allies...we don't ask, but you're welcome to tell. :) If you're interested in joining us, we'd love to have you come along as you go "Star Trekkin' Across the Universe!"

We have membership scattered across the globe - and the quadrants - and our members speak many different languages, although English is the primary. If you'd like to join us, feel free to contact me or any Senior Officer in our fleet to request an invite.

***NEW RECRUITS: IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE:*** You must have joined the fleet in the game before your application to this site will be approved, and you must include your character's name in the application so it can be verified in the Fleet Roster. To become a member of the Fleet, email or PM Gater@Vap0rtrail (or any Fleet officer) in-game to request an Invitation to the Fleet. If you apply to this site without having joined the Fleet in-game, your application to our website will be turned down as incomplete. Only members of the Fleet may have access to the full content of the website.

AFTER you've become a member of the Fleet in-game, just click the 'APPLY' button in the upper-right hand corner (or click HERE: APPLY TO LGBT9th) and include your Fleet character name in order to be approved to join the site. This will give you access to the Members only sections of the site.

Whether or not you choose to join our Fleet, we hope you enjoy the website! Be sure to 'Like' us on Facebook too:


Live Long, and Gaily Prosper!


Prime Admiral & Commander in Chief
LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order.

starboysfo / Mar 17, 2017
Hey, Fleeps!

After rebalancing/revamping many of the Ground traits, STO has announced the upcoming Space trait revamp/rebalance, and the Tribble test server is live with the changes now. Check out the announcement, it may affect how you want to get all kit out!

Live Long, and Gaily Prosper!


Prime Admiral & Commander in Chief
LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order.
starboysfo / Mar 03, 2017
HEY FLEEPS! Here's a chance to test your Star Trek Knowledge!

Alkorahil has put together a contest for our Armada, and compiled 40 pics/images from Star Trek. This challenge is to name what series episode or movie each of the numbered images comes from. Some of the them may be a little trickier than others!

The 40 images cover all official/licensed/canon incarnations of Star Trek shown on television or in a feature film. This may include ‘remastered’ and ‘director’s cut’ versions.

Each of the still images has been given a number. Using these numbers, name each of the numbered images with the Full Series & Episode or Movie name. Correct Answers must be given as the full series & episode or movie name to get credit. (ie: “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” or “TNG: All Good Things…,” etc.).

NOTE: One of the images is a fake and has never appeared in any official Star Trek TV show or movie! The correct answer to this picture is: It’s a fake! (No, *not* “It’s a trap!”)

The numbered images can be found here:

Send your full list of answers either via in-game email to alkorahil@alkorahil#4022, or via regular email to
If you email him directly you MUST include your STO username so we know who you are!

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One Point for a correct Answer.
  • Zero Points for No/Blank Answer.
  • Negative One Point for an Incorrect Answer.
  • The Maximum number of points is 40.

*** This Contest Closes on Sunday, March 18th at 12 Noon CST (GMT-6) ***

Open to all Fleet and Armada members; only one entry per player account. Answers must be in English please!

Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place. In the event of a tie (or ties) prizes will be given to both winners. Prizes will include Lock Box Keys, Energy Credits, Ships Packs and Prize Packs!
In addition, the first person to submit a perfect score gets a special bonus: a Star Trek Watch mailed to you!

Winners will be announced at the close of the contest and the correct answers will be posted at that time. Watch this space!
James Gater / Dec 24, 2016
We once again had a wonderful turn out to this years Winter Festivities this past Sunday 12/18/16!
As you know, this year we changed things up a bit by utilizing Q's Winter Wonderland as our winter stomping grounds for our own festive games.

With Very festive tunes streaming in the background by Korath we ran Klingon Ice Fishing with a chance to get "knocked up" atop the Ice Hut for master keys, Tide of Ice, Cones of Conduct and T'Santa made an appearance to handout Secret T'Santa gifts to all the participating fleeties, Hoe Hoe Hoe :^)

Winterfest 2016 Pics & DMG Stats

In conclusion, the Sr. Staff of the 9th Order thank you all for taking time out of your busy pre-Christmas weekend to join us.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Frohe Weihnachten zu Ihnen und Ihrem,
Vrolijke Kerstmis aan u en de uwen,
Joyeux Noël à vous et à vous,
Feliz Navidad a ti y al tuyo,
God jul till dig och din,

(^: LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order :^)

James Gater / Oct 08, 2016
:: 9th Order Fleet Station K-13 Contest Announcement ::

With our newest holding Fleet Station K-13 coming to Holodeck on October 25th we are pleased to announce that the 9th Order will be running a special contest that includes a few sweet prizes.

Once Fleet Station K-13 is fully completed to Tier3 (with all upgrade cooldowns completed) the TOP FIVE contributors will be deemed the winners.

Grand Prize for the top contributor -- a 50th Anniversary Star Trek stamp and coin set (2016)(Canada)
Includes a beautiful Star Trek-themed Canadian quarter and three collectible stamps, all in one well made collectors booklet!

2nd Place -- Star Trek 50th Anniversary Lapel Pin.
This label pin is round gold colored which reads "Starfleet Academy Command" around the outter edge with the 50th anniversary logo in the middle.
Quantum Mechanix Star Trek 50th Anniversary Magnetic Badge.
This one has the Star Trek uniform badge look in gold with the 50th anniversary logo in the middle.

3rd Place -- Star Trek 50th Anniversary Lapel Pin.
Quantum Mechanix Star Trek 50th Anniversary Magnetic Badge

4th & 5th Place -- will select from the remaining pins or badges.

*This contest is for 9th Order toons only! All winning toons must be in LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order!!
**All winners will need to provide an address so we can mail you the prizes.

Below are the links to view these prizes

Grand Prize
50th Anniversary Star Trek stamp and coin set (2016)(Canada);jsessionid=D6F3A97FA4B2DC77E1A3CA3654E1C0D1.node1-2?rcmiid=ban|h#.V_kfI8m1vuz

2nd & 3rd Place Prizes
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Lapel Pin


Quantum Mechanix Star Trek 50th Anniversary Magnetic Badge
James Gater / Jun 02, 2016
As we all wait eagerly for the new TOS missions and Temperal Agents to be released perhaps in July, lets not forget about our community pride this June.
Im happy to announce our 4th Annual "June PrideFests" beginning with our Opening Events on Sunday June 12th and ending with our Closing Events Sunday June 26th. Both events will being at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm UK, 9pm Germany. To check your time zone please check your fleet events tab.

Here's our planned festivities...

June 12 - Opening festivities - Hosted by Gater

1) Sector Space Pride Parade route.. As always we'll gather outside Sol System then travel to Starbase 39, New Romulas, Qo'nos,
Drozana and to Risa System

2) Treasure Hunt.. This treasure hunt will take you to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant then back to Paradise.
*After the Treasure Hunt we'll try our best to get on a Risa Summer Resort map
3) Powerboard races

4) Retro Dance Off.. with the 50th TOS anniversary in mind, this retro dance off will have a TOSish/funky attire theme. Lets get old school folks. this should be fun fun fun :)
Korath will DJ this event with some old school jams.

June 26 - Closing festivities - Hosted by Vanessa

1) Pride Parade.. ground or space.

2) Star Trek Quiz.. Katulka will host the quiz

3) Costume Contest.. this years theme will be announced shortly

4) dancing

*Some events are subject to change if needed. But I think we'll all have a fun time no matter what we do... Because we all rock!!
James Gater / Feb 03, 2016
Thank you everyone for a wonderful turn out to this years Winter Festivities this past Sunday 1/31/16! I think we all had a good time.

We kicked this event off with our treasure hunt around the quadrants which ended on Andoria, our original main event location. However, we had such a great turnout we had to move to... Risa Winter Resort? Yep that's right and we helped fill that map instance too :)

Our event winners..

Treasure Hunt winners..
1st place- Hoss
2nd place- Marcus
3rd place- Jax
Everyone else received at least one key and other treasure along their journey!

Star Trek/STO Quiz..
Sov and his quick draw/type fingers answered the most questions first with Jax right behind him.
I have to say, I'm very impressed with you ALL for all your Star Trek trivia knowledge. Impressive..Very Impressive!! opps wrong franchise :/

Combat Uniform Awards went to.. we had a tie...
1st place- Jax & Cassy
2nd place- Hoss
3rd place- Fegalein
4th place- TheDoctor

Well into our 3rd hour we finished up with a large group ground pvp and a small team for pve...

Congratulations to all the winners and all that joined in the fun. A special thanks goes out to our Sr. Staff for all their help in organizing and help running this event!!!

Live Long and Prosper...
James Gater
LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order
James Gater / Jan 25, 2016
We are happy to announce this years "LGBT Inter-Fleet Winterfest" on Sunday Jan 31, with invitations going out to our Armada fleets, Allied Fleets and LGBT of the Empire, our KDF affiliate.

Here's a taste of what's planned for this years wintry fun...

- Treasure Hunt around the Quadrants.. get clues to find your treasure

- Star Trek Quiz.. random questions pertaining to Star Trek and STO

- Winter Toon Awards (costume contest).. This years theme will be Combat Uniforms! Outfit your toon with the baddest badass combat gear you have available! If you have something awesome to say about your combat gear, this will help..

- Ground PVP's with the top prizes being mirror ships and other great rewards.

- PVE's for those that don't care for pvp

~Also announcing special guest, T'Shan@mondior as our DJ for this years festivities and our listening pleasure.. 😃

Festivities will begin within the Andoria System at 11am PST, 2pm EST (check your in-game fleet event window for your time zone)
Just a note: Since KDF aligned toons are not able to enter the Andoria System, KDF members will need to use your federation toon to join us.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Sr. Staff
LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order
starboysfo / Oct 20, 2015
Hey, Fleeps! Take a peak at my updated route for Tour the Galaxy, you can earn up to 925,000 EC in just 15 minutes per toon per day! If you need to beef up your Bank, try this daily mission out:

Tour the Galaxy 2015 Updated Route!'

Live Long & Gaily Prosper – Qaplah’!

Morgan / Fearghas / Reuel

Prime Admiral, LGBT of Starfleet 9th Order
Commander General, LGBT of the Empire
Prime Admiral, LGBT of Starfleet 8th Order
starboysfo / Jun 03, 2015
June is upon us, which means tomorrow the Summer Festival starts, and 10 days later on Sunday, June 14th our Annual Fleet Gay PrideFest begins!

Our opening ceremonies with start off with everyone meeting just outside the Sol System to begin our traditional “Pride Parade” across the Beta Quadrant to Risa. Once there, we will gather on the CLASSIC Risa beach—not on the Summer Festival map, as the large number of players on the Summer map will make it hard for all of us to gather on the same map. Please join us right at Noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern, 8pm UK, 9pm Germany) to gather for a show of fleet pride as we make our way to Risa for a social on the beach.

We’ll be having a Best Uniform contest there again, this time with a twist: snap a screenshot of your cutest, sexiest, baddest self in a setting on Risa – either solo or with a friend! Upload your screenshots to our website to the “2015 PrideFest Best Uniform on Risa” Pics section, and everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorites! To vote for your favorites, you may go to the website and just put in a comment saying VOTE, for up to three pics. Everyone gets three votes to distribute as they like, either all on 1 or spread out over 2 or 3 pics. Get your screenshots posted early, as everyone will need to have chance to vote by the 14th!

We’ll also have events on 6/28, our PvP and EC Raffle! This year we’re expanding the prizes, 2 winners for each level: 10 Million, 5 Million, and 2.5 Million, for a total of six drawings. Everyone present at the time of the drawing will receive one entry, and additional drawings can be purchased for 50k EC. You must be present to win!

Live Long & Gaily Prosper,
starboysfo / Mar 02, 2015
Hi, Fleet -- here's a quick link to our fleet's TeamSpeak3 server info for voice chatting among our fleets. You will need to be logged into the website as a member to follow this link, so if you haven't signed up yet, now's a great time to do so!

Let me know if you have any questions/problems with accessing the server.

Live Long & Gaily Prosper,
Morgan / Reuel / Fearghas
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